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Man Suffers Broken Leg After Falling Through An Escalator In A KL Mall

Written by Alix

The incident took place at a mall along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman around 10am yesterday, 3 November.

A man suffered a broken leg after it got caught in an escalator at a Kuala Lumpur mall yesterday, 3 November

Image from Info Roadblock JPJ POLIS/Facebook
Image via Info Roadblock JPJ POLIS/Facebook

The incident happened around 9am while a 49-year-old man was using an escalator at a mall along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman,reported Kwong Wah and China Press.

He was wearing a pair of slippers, which suddenly got caught in the gap between the escalator skirt and handrail.

The man’s right leg was completely trapped inside the escalator under the landing plate

Image from We are Malaysians/Facebook
Image via We are Malaysians/Facebook

Fire and Rescue Department operations commander Mohd Zuhair Faisal Zulkifli said six firemen from the Titiwangsa station were dispatched to the scene five minutes after receiving a stress call, reported The Star.

Zuhair said the team started by securing the device before removing the man safely about 45 minutes later.

The victim suffered a broken leg and was rushed to Hospital Kuala Lumpur for treatment

Image from Kwong Wah
Image via Kwong Wah

Sin Chew reported that the man remained calm throughout the rescue operation.

Photos of the incident went viral on Facebook, prompting many netizens to question if the escalator was regularly serviced

“How can this happen?” asked a netizen.

“Oh my god… is it their maintenance guy never monthly services it? (sic), a netizen speculated.

Image from Facebook
Image via Facebook

“Too many accidents like this. Is the government looking into why this [is happening whether due to the] fault of service company or poor parts?” a netizen wrote.

Image from Facebook
Image via Facebook

Others prayed for the victim and hoped that he would be rightfully compensated.

“My God. I wish that the uncle’s leg is safe,” one Facebook user said.

While another commented, “Get well soon and get a lawyer to fight for RM10 million for your broken leg.”

Image from Facebook
Image via Facebook

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